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  Perforated Diffuser  
Perforated supply diffusers to match ceiling system type located as shown on plans.The diffusers shall have a nominal 24” x 24” drawn back pan with a square or round neck for supply duct connection, and shall include earthquake loops. Four pattern controllers shall be face attached and shall be configurable in the field for a 1, 2, 3, or 4 way discharge air pattern. Pattern adjustment shall be made by individually rotating the face-mounted controllers for the pattern scheduled. Diffusers requiring closure of louvers/vanes or utilizing blank-offs for pattern adjustment are not approved. (Optional) Volume dampers shall be located in the neck of the diffuser for balancing.

The perforated face plate shall be constructed of minimum 22 gauge steel with not less than a 50% free area pattern. Face plates of expanded metal or directional louvers formed out of the face material are not approved. The face plate shall be removable from the back pan by concealed spring clips. The face shall lie in the same plane as the bottom surface of the ceiling in which it is mounted (exception is surface mounted model). The complete unit shall be finished with baked-on Arctic white paint, including the face, back pan, and controllers.
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